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Notorious for the openly sexual nature of their songs and the burlesque theatricality of their live performances — which often included bondage and sexual satire — the band was one of the first mainstream musical acts to include explicitly gay and lesbian references. Yes, I did actual analysis with binomial logistic regression models etc. Rough Trade NYC, Brooklyn, NY TBD Advance: $20.00 / Day of Show: $20.00 I think I’ll follow your advice to those who step out of bounds and start my own blog. Honestly, I couldn’t put up with the guy who regularly shows up to parse what I write and chide and disagree for as long as you’ve put up with me. He does put his work out there for public scrutiny and consumption. The record, which was the only album in the top 20 to be produced by an all womxn / non-male engineering team, as well as the only non-major label release, has now been named one of Rough Trade’s Top 10 Albums of 2020. Goaltending was horrendous, unfortunately. To borrow Dom’s Game Score value added, are two second round picks really worth paying a minimum of $3 m/yr for (likely two years at $6 m+) for a GSVA of 0.5 and 0.4? In the case of your wild proclamation of the success of trading two second round picks for AA, based solely upon his past offensive production against the probability of draft success in the second round…. Losing your religion. Our friends at Rough Trade, the crew of independent record shops with storefronts in the United States and the UK, have shared their favorite albums of 2020. 16-17 +3.7 Tough time deciding where to begin reviewing Alela Diane's To Be Still. Congrats to Kemp on his first pro point. Good to know they are looking at everything. I think his deals leading up to the deadline check all of the boxes of what a competent seasoned GM would do. dominic. : Search for Prince in 1999, Purple Rain, Paisley Park and More, title. This is the first I had heard of such certainty with reference to Klef looking to be healthy in September and not really focussing on this coming season any more – if that is indeed the correct interpretation of the Holland’s quote. Was is_greek a strong predictor of hockey_player_value? There was a time when Independent/ … Devo , artist. Ahead of Black Friday 2020, please take a moment to read through our Shopping Guidelines. It goes without saying, every single record in our list is outstanding and it is a privilege to share and shine a light on such exciting music. (-. Tikkanen, his career was on the back nine, although he did have a reasonable season with NYR/STL and 2 with the Canucks… I loved Doug Weight as an Oiler. What I saw last night really lined up with the scouting reports. You’re useful too but definitely not in a quant sense… you don’t appear to do actual modeling or analysis… more a management type… JP put together actual numbers and you gave him yeah buts and empty calories… very mid-managerial. Lafreniere not being released for a World Juniors (nor Jack Hughes). Helm who’s been finished for awhile fared better without AA than AA did on his own without Helm., Since we’re talking trades, I have to ask…. It was meant to be snarky toward the two Oilers head honchos… mostly toward the HC. How many playoff games has Bouchard played? Do you trade two second round picks for Sam Gagner (based on the info available at that time)? Maximizing the Oilers will come when both the McDavid and Drai lines are rolling at 57% plus goal shares and the bottom six is not materially below 50%. To Be Still was Diane’s second album, released in 2009 by Rough Trade Records as her label debut. Ive never seen that before. It’s fitting that when the Oilers finally start looking like they’re on their way to being contenders, the world ends. 07-08 -4.4 15-16 +6.5 (Philadelphia) It is the path that Dellow followed that led to his being hired by two NHL franchises. I played with this a tiny bit this morning (thank you for posting) and have yet to receive a clue on how to analyze it…. Find the latest and greatest 2020 Rough Trade Records Christmas ads, coupon codes and deals at CouponAnnie. —————— March 8, 1988—Oilers trade G Andy Moog and L Moe Lemay to the Boston Bruins for G Bill Ranford, L Geoff Courtnall, F Alan May and a second-round selection (Petro Koivunen). A 2nd round pick to rent Samsanov was a beauty deal. The two second rounders for AA were the going price or a slight discount at the time of the deal. I think it’s kind of a compliment to you, as you appear to have both the courage of your convictions and enough life experience to know nothing is real when it comes to comments on a message board (beyond the mutual enjoyment of a shared subject). For all of these, the players played far less apart than together. Top 50 Albums. And so is valued at $4.2M. Listen . Now I have no idea what your friend Dom has done that’s won you over. A Rough Trade Albums of the Year vinyl bundle + download our digital zine; New releases - 20th November More Specials, title. Rough Trade's Albums of the Year 2020. Gagner scored 1.99P/60 in his rookie year (and got over 2.0 in his year with Columbus). SIGN UP. And no one could have foreseen 16-17 +4.0 There’s a lot of noise in hockey fancy stats that passes for signal. To be honest, I missed that quote from Holland yesterday. This would allow for some fans in the stands. I want to say one thing though just because I enjoy your level of analysis and will miss that if you leave. Aug 16, 2020 Bartees Strange Signs To Rough Trade Publishing! … so Tippett (last time in 11-12) and Holland (15-16) made the playoffs again…. Rough Trade discount codes & promo codes November 2020. Where’s the 3rd pair boost? Their … Thursday, 15 October 2020. Rough Trade Edit Podcast 19 with Slow Pulp. Coimbra, Portugal 2,749 contributions 263 helpful votes. I’m just arguing that he isn’t actually a drag, that has generally hurt his team (which I think is essentially what you’ve said). 12-13 -1.8 It’s the best we have. Cresceu através da Rough Trade Shop, fundada por Geoff Travis em West London em 1976.A gravadora foi formada em 1978 e entrou também no negócio da distribuição. Discover our pick of the best Compilations and Reissues of 2020, featuring one-off Rough Trade Exclusive pressings and limited edition vinyl.

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