rei flash 45

And if you’re heading out on a period of travel longer than an extended weekend, you’ll probably find the REI Flash backpack too small in volume for your requirements. Our take The weight-to-capacity ratio of this hauler made it a favorite among testers. Comparing very well with its nearest competitors when it comes to price and features, the Flash backpack offers users all the features a backpacker will be looking for. Earn an Annual Dividend, plus get access Pack what you will for your weekend trip—the men's REI Co-op Flash 45 pack holds your load stable and steady. Awaiting Flair. It was released in 2019 as a main entry by REI into the light/ultralight pack game. 14 oz. I know there are other packs that could fit most of these categories, but honestly, for me the REI Flash 45 is the ONLY pack that fits all of these categories. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. All rights reserved. to open cart summary dialog, press down arrow, You’ve reached the maximum items allowed in cart. 3 oz. The Flash 45 seems like it's a decent compromise for the lower price, though obviously the arithmatic changes with sales. Lightest. The nice thing about having an optional top lid is that you can add it when it’s needed, in cooler w… REI backpack. This may come down to the presence of an integrated rain cover on the Traverse – absent from the Flash 45 – given both backpacks comprise an internal steel support frame, have eight exterior pockets in addition to the main compartment, are compatible with hydration systems, and are top-loading packs. REI Flash 45 side. Sells for 159.80 149 tax at REI. With enough space to fit anything you might need to pack for a weekend away without spending hours deciding exactly what IS essential, the REI Flash 45 is the perfect men’s grab and go pack. Although the REI Flash 45 is made of water-resistant nylon Oxford fabric, which is more than good enough to keep your kit dry through a light shower, it unfortunately doesn’t come with an integrated rain cover. While I’m focusing this review on the Flash 45 as a single pack, it’s worth noting that the REI Flash backpack actually comes in three different sizes. More. I’ve spent a lot of time with my trusty REI Flash 45. The advantage of using a roll top is that it lets you compress loads from the top in addition to the sides using compression straps. The REI Flash 45 is also probably not the best choice for you if you prefer a simple pack comprising nothing but a main compartment, because of its internal support frame, external pockets, and attachment loops. The Flash 55 backpack launched at the end of January ’19 with a couple color options, different fits for men and women, and two size options: 45 … However, the Flash lacks any sort of adjustment system in the suspension of the pack, so it either fits, or it doesn't. Here’s the lowdown. Our take The weight-to-capacity ratio of this hauler made it a favorite among testers. He is an advocate for off-beat responsible travel and the preservation of the world's wild places and spaces. For instance, the hip belt should sit snugly on top of the hip bone, to take 80% of the backpack’s weight, while shoulder straps should be level with one another (check this out in a mirror or have a friend to hand) and should be adjusted so there’s minimal gap between the backpack and your back. It's the perfect companion for a long weekend of fast and light backpacking. (men’s medium) Sizes: medium (fits torsos 17-19 inches) and large (50L/3,051 c.i., 2 lbs. Features. Price: $199 Weight: 2 lbs. Close. I paid $110 for the Flash 45 and I've seen the Exos 48 on sale at Amazon for $145 but at regular prices $80 is a bit steep to save 6oz. It offers solid water and wind resistance, and all the elastic openings are softened with a layer of velvety fabric. The 420-denier ripstop nylon bottom will withstand much hard use, and the 100-denier ripstop body fabric is adequately durable for normal use; both are not uncommon for packs in this category. It has a handful of really clever features that can be removed, or adapted to help make packing for any trip a breeze. I like how the bottoms of the frame/stay attach directly to the hip belt, and the hip belt is relatively stiff – good load transfer for 25 lb loads or less. 14 oz. And like many similar packs, the mesh side and front pockets are susceptible to tears if you’re not reasonably careful. REI Co-op Flash 45 Pack | REI Co-op.

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